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Our Story

Over the past 20 plus years, God has been working toward 2010!  Over those years, God has laid a vision for a new church on the hearts of people in and around Jackson, TN.  Every time they would effort toward that end, something would preclude their action.

The same was the story in the suburbs of Chicago.  For the last 10 years, God has been working in the hearts of Jeremy and Sheila Brown to surrender to planting a new church.  Every time they would pray and ask “now?” they would be united in a conclusion of “not yet.”

As these two stories progressed, they eventually collided in a divinely orchestrated appointment!  About a decade ago, a group of gifted leaders expressing their passion for the Kingdom by starting new churches formed a group called “Stadia New Church Strategies.”  It would be this group that would serve to connect these two critical stories!

Desiring to plant an effective, high-impact church, the Jackson team  along with members of the Volunteer Evangelizing Association (VEA) contacted Stadia and these two critical groups aspired to cooperate and set their sites on bringing in a church planter!

Along that same time, in April of 2009 Jeremy and Sheila were in a whirlwind of affirmation of God’s timing to start a new church.  After interviewing a number of organizations that would help them to start a new church, they settled on Stadia. 

On October 10, 2010, that story became a reality resulting in the launch of Journey Church!  Since then, Journey Church has grown to more than 200 in regular attendance and, most recently, the launch of a second service on Sunday mornings!